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TitleFirst nameLast nameEmailSchoolJob titleAreas of expertise of Artificial Intelligence for LanguageAI ArtificialIntelligence Language Computing Linguistics MachineLearning DataMining NaturalLanguageProcessing TextAnalytics English Arabic Quran Religious Health Medical Text Autism CorpusLinguistics and Social PolicyProtest and social movements, racism and ethnicity studies, employment and social theory.
Dr Professor in Conservation ScienceCoral reef fish ecology; Marine conservation science; Spatial planning; Marxan; Climate change impacts on marine systems; Connectivity in spatial decision science; Genetics in conservation planning ProfessorLanguage, literature and history of medieval North-west Europe; Iceland and Icelandic and CommunicationLecturer in Digital Mediadigital media; immersive technologies; ethnography; sensory research methods; photography; graphic design, sensory experience; new media; digital media; field recording; anthropology, Cultures and SocietiesAssociate Professor of Latin American StudiesLatin American culture, history, and politics. Urbanization, poverty, and state-making in Venezuela. Landslides in Andean cities, conflict and reconstruction. of PsychologyQualitative methods; visual methods; well-being; mental health; gender and sexuality
Mr RicardoMichue fellow of Spanish, Cultures and Societiespostgraduate researcherArabic dialectology; Arabic language; Gulf Arabic; Oman; Arabic linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Language Documentation; Ethnolinguistics, Cultures and SocietiesSenior Lecturer in Linguistics, Cultures and SocietiesProfessor of Latin American Studiesdigital cultures and indigenous cultures in Latin America. and CommunicationSenior Lecturer in Photography and Digital CulturePhotographic history and theory; Early cinema; Archives and digital culture; Community archives and co-production., Cultures and SocietiesSenior Lecturer in LinguisticsLanguage Technology; Natural Language Processing; Machine Translation; Corpus Linguistics; Genres and text classification; terminology mining; related languages of Philosophy, Religion, and History of ScienceAssociate Professorreligious, ethical and philosophical responses to climate emergency, mass extinction, Cultures and SocietiesLecturer of Chinese StudiesChina, Tibet, folklore, oral traditions, intangible cultural heritage, cultural sustainability, minority cultural production in China, Religion and History of ScienceProfessor of Religion and Public LIfeGender and religion; Religion and development; Religion and humanitarianism; Religion and peacebuilding; Religion and environmentalism; Buddhism and Hinduism; South and South-East Asia; Religious buildings
DrGiselaTomé, Cultures and SocietiesLecturer in Sociophoneticsaccent variation in speech perception and production in bilingual and monolingual populations, Galician, English, Cultures and SocietiesLecturer in Russian and Language StudiesLanguage variation in Czech; variationist sociolinguistics; language pedagogy; corpus-based language learning & teaching